Lightfolio Documentation

Invoice Basics

  • Contact
  • Each invoice is associated with a single contact. This field is required

  • Discount
  • Provide an optional discount, expressed as either a fixed amount, or a percentage of the total

  • Due Date
  • Give your invoice an optional due date. If a payment schedule is used, the invoice will not have a due date as the installments will have their own due date(s).

  • Issue Date
  • The date of the quote. This field is required.

  • Lead/Job
  • An invoice can be optionally associated with a lead or job.

  • Tax Rules
  • Application of tax rules on this invoice is determined by the address (postal code) of the contact.

  • Payment Schedule
  • An optional collection of payment installments, each with an amount and due date. Use an invoice payment schedule if you wish to allow your client to make more than one payment on an invoice.